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I'm going to spend a bit of time and space showing you a radio from way back when. I know you have probably all seen your share of really old sets, but I expect that very few of you have ever heard of, let alone seen this legend.

When I was about 10 years old, my parents took the family on a road trip out to British Columbia, to visit my Dad's sister and her husband. Aunt Polly and Uncle Jack had just purchased an apple orchard just outside of Keremeos, in the Okanagan Valley and that was where we spent a few weeks with them.

The main house on the property was probably seventy or eighty years old then, and apart from modern plumbing and electrical service looked much the same as it probably did the day it was built.

One afternoon, Aunt Polly took my sister and I up into the attic to explore. This attic had a solid floor and stuff in it....just like in the movies! The stuff had been left behind by previous owners. After some poking around I came upon a cardboard box which contained a wooden box with a black, shiny front, a hinged top and lots of, what I though were light bulbs, inside it. Cool.......
But I was a kid, my sister was a girl and my Aunt was a little old lady. All was soon forgotten.

At the end of our family visit we all got our kiss goodbye and as I piled in the car, my Aunt told me that the next time I came out to see her I could have the gadget in the attic...... That was in 1966.

In 1985, I got married. My wife and I decided to go on a driving honeymoon. About 6000 miles later we found ourselves in Keremeos visiting a much older Aunt Polly and Uncle Jack. She remembered, which was more than I did, and as we were once again saying our good-byes, she presented me with the gadget..........