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mercury super ten
The Mercury Super Ten was designed and manufactured by the H. M. Kipp Company, of Toronto, Canada during the mid 1920's. This set is a superhetrodyne receiver covering frequencies from
200 - 600 meters, utilizing ten Northern Electric R215A "Peanut" tubes.
This radio was touted as the most sensitive and selective radio of its time - 1926, and the base unit sold for $165.00 without tubes... The tubes were an additional $30.00 if purchased from the Kipp Company.
The circuit was revolutionary for its day and boasted two detectors, an oscillator, four stages of radio frequency amplification, and a power tube followed by a two tube output stage. The main reason that the circuit used ten tubes, including a then-unheard-of fourth stage of radio frequency amplification, was to allow for a series-parallel filament circuit for the 1.1 volt tubes on a 6 volt source.

The R215A "Peanut" tube was in its day, acknowledged as the most sensitive of all commercial type tubes and boasted an exceptionally long operating life (up to 10,000 hours), as well as very low current consumption. The Super Ten's current demands were 500 ma. on the "A" battery and a maximum of 20 ma. on the "B" battery.


I have yet to fire this set up. I'm waiting for a stormy night with a prolonged power failure. I have no doubt that it will operate, since all the tubes are showing continuity (even all the spares).

Here are some scans of the printed material that was neatly tucked inside the Super Ten when I received it, along with five spare tubes. It may be a sales package that convinced the original owners to make the big purchase..... It is a neat trip into the past....

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"The Story of the Mercury Super-Ten"

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A Few Other Items Included in the Package

Promotional ad with cover letter
Testimonial letter
Testimonial letter
Testimonial letter
Testimonial letter
Testimonial letter
Testimonial letter
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