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A while back, I stumbled across a bargain I couldn't pass up. It was a Hickok Cardmatic 123 tube tester. I convinced myself and the wife that in order to perform fixerupper duties to the best of my abilities, It was only fitting that I purchase it!

It's cool....

It needed some work and calibration, which I was able to perform in-house, and now it dutifully and accurately performs its functions in my shop.

Here's the catch...... The tester came with about 500 cards, and in order to function as a truly useful piece of test equipment - I probably need another 100 or so. If my work was restricted to 50's and 60's sets, I'd be fine, but since I do service on a lot of earlier radios...my deck is lacking. Mostly 4 and 5 pin, 2 digit type tubes.

So here is my proposition......

Below you will find links to scanned images of every card I presently posess.. Also a set of calibration cards, a set of meter shunt test cards, a service manual, a tube test conditions book, and the instructions and parts breakdown book for the Cardmatic 123 & 123A tester. These files are in the PDF format. They were created using Acrobat v.6.0 and if you are using anything older than Acrobat v.5 you may have to update to a newer version.

If you need ... take.... I only ask that if you do take, and you happen to have some of the cards which don't appear in the following downloads..that you take the time to scan them..if that is possible.. and forward them to me via email HERE. The scans I took were done at 100 dpi in the b&w line art mode, with a black card used for backing, and saved as .gif files. If you are unable to scan them I'll gladly accept photocopies via snail mail (email me for details). Any cards that I receive will be added to the download lists for everyone to share. I figure this way, most everyone will benefit, at no cost other than the card blanks. And some elbow grease to do the punching...

I just finished constructing a tool capable of punching an entire card in one stroke...once I've given it a bit more of a workout to be sure it will hold up under repeated use, I'll post some photos and the plans (Gee, I'll have to do some plans first!)

I will wait with baited breath to see if anyone is interested in contributing!!!

If you do not have the ADOBE READER installed on your computer you can get it free by clicking on the icon below.


Cards OZ4 to 4DT6 - 70 cards
Cards 5AM8 to 5Y4 - 44 cards
Cards 6AB4 to 6AT6 - 34 cards
Cards 6AT8 to 6BK7A - 51 cards
Cards 6BL4 to 6CU6 - 51 cards
Cards 6DC6 to 6SR7 - 49 cards
Cards 6T4 to 9AU7 - 50 cards
Cards 12A8 to 12BQ6 - 49 cards
Cards 12BR7 to 17DQ6 - 51 cards
Cards 19AU4 to 5879 - 51 cards

123 Tube Test Conditions Book
123 Service Manual with Meter Shunt Test Cards
123 Calibration Cards
123 Instructions and Parts Breakdown Book - (photos in this book are crappy - that's how I got it) -includes schematics

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