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Other types of Repairs I Do

While most of my work seems to be done on Bakelite radio cabinets, I have been known to tackle other sorts of repairs. After all, Bakelite is Bakelite.

Below is an example of a project I tackled recently.

The victim was a Rickenbacker Model B Spanish guitar suffering from a severely broken Bakelite neck.

Given the stresses that this part is subject to, I felt that something more than some small pins like the ones I use in radio cabinets would be required to ensure structural integrity. I inserted two 1/4" diameter by 3 inch long steel pins into mating holes drilled in the two major broken halves. All fracture lines were then deeply veed, and the repair carried on in much the same way as I would repair a broken Bakelite radio Cabinet.

As the before and after photographs show, once filled and polished, the repair is practically invisible.

Short of deliberately re-breaking the repair in order to test its strength, I can only guess, but I'm quite confident it should survive years of use. I did hit my son over the head with it numerous times, with no damage occurring to either.




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