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Here is some information for all you "Do-it-yourselfers"..

Not that I don't want to do it for you, but seeing that I'm a real busy Guy, and I know that some of you folks want to tackle that dusty, dirty, smelly,spider infested relic from Granny"s attic on your own...the least I can do is offer you a bit of printed information to help you figure out which wire goes where.

Just remember... anything that plugs into the wall will be more than happy to kill you should you throw all caution to the wind, or, touch something you shouldn't be touching. If you are unfamiliar with tube type radio circuitry, visit your library and do some research on basic electronic theory and safety prior to jumping into that old radio!

The schematics posted below are from original factory service manuals... It will take some time to get them all scanned and uploaded, so check back often.

I am posting them in PDF format, so if you don't have the Adobe reader, you can get it here...

Also, when you accessed this page, your browser may have warned you about blocking Active X processes. Just allow Active X processes to run, as it is part of the schematic selection mechanics. Nothing is being added to, or taken away from your computer.

We'll get started with the PHILCO stuff.


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