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In order to serve you more efficiently, me (the guy) is instituting this easy to complete form which will allow you to introduce me to your sick radio. If you can take a few moments to fill it out as completely as possible, it will allow me, within a couple of days, to respond with a reasonably accurate estimate of what it will cost to bring your set back to life. There are several windows at the bottom of the form which will allow you to attach photos of your radio - I would appreciate seeing any significant cabinet damage as well as an overall shot of the chassis if that is possible.

When you are uploading your images, the "Browse" button will access your hard drive to allow you to select them. Have no fear, everything is happening at your end and "the guy" hasn't taken control of your computer! Your photos must be in the"jpg" or "gif" formats and I've limited the upload size to a maximum of 150K per image.

If you are unable to answer any of the questions, just leave the "unknown" showing in the appropriate box.

Hopefully, this application will allow you to provide me with the information I need in one visit, so we do not have to spend days trading correspondence to accomplish the same end.

The name and E-mail you enter in the top fields are who and where my response will be directed to.

Carry On!


Your Name
Your E-Mail
Make of Radio
Model of Radio
Number of Tubes
Are all tubes present?
Transformer or AC/DC power?
Does the station indicator move when the knob is turned?
Do all the knobs rotate freely?
Does the radio power up?

DON'T PLUG IT IN !!!!!!!!!!!

If operational, does the radio make any sound?
Does the chassis look complete to you?
Does the radio have a burned smell?
What is the cabinet made from?
If Bakelite/plastic, is it cracked or broken?
Are there pieces missing?
If wood, is the cabinet wobbly?
If wood, is veneer missing/loose?
The dial glass/plastic is...
The dial scale is...
Number of knobs missing is
Does the radio have a back?
Additional comments
Attach photo here
one per window
Attach photo here
one per window
Attach photo here
one per window